Live From Mount Shasta Video Series

Live From Mount Shasta

We launched a series of short videos coming live from Mount Shasta on Dec 07 2021. We hope to share insights, wisdom and updates from our Mount Shasta Spiritual Retreat center. 

We are trying to keep each video to less than 15 minutes. Please add your feedback to the comments section beneath each post / video.

Deb & Scott

Live From Mount Shasta


It’s Monday, December 20th - 3 days ago I received a very detailed Communication from God and my Guides - Guardians of Humanity's Evolution & Mother Earth. Pls Subscribe & Like I (and sometimes Scott) have started a new short

Live From Mount Shasta – We’ve Reached The Shift Precipice – Sh*t Is About to Hit the Fan Don’t Be Afraid

Your Joyful expression of Light, Love and JOY is very important for you and to the world always, but especially right now during this Holiday Season / S​olstice / Expansion Zone. 12:12 to 12:21 is a nine day Expansion Zone

Live From Mt. Shasta 12:12 & 12:21 Holiday Joy & Prosperity Activation Webinars During Solstice Expansion Zone

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