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Guest Booking Sheet

We will utilize the information you provide here to assist in producing a rockin’ show both during the live show, as well as the post production elements.
Please be as thorough as you can with:

  • ** Skype account name **
  • Talking points
  • Details you want to cover
  • Video and / or Audio clips to reference
  • Links
  • Branding logo
  • Social Media & Website

** Super Important... we have moved our pre-record technology to include the use of SKYPE... You will need a SKYPE Account and we will need YOUR SKYPE ACCOUNT HANDLE days or hours before the show so we can set up the "meeting" for your show.

Also, we are experts about the spiritual war that’s playing out and will likely tie some element of your show into that subject to further expand people’s awareness about this situation; which likely will have solutions by all of us.

We will be adding a new element to our shows in post production, which will be motion graphic pops ups with key points to remember, calls to action and engagement.

Action Steps:

  1. Complete the form below
  2. The technology we use for the pre-recorded show is Skype (and a behind the scenes platform). Below you will be asked for your Skype handle. If you do not have a Skype account, you can get one here. (Zoom now owns all recorded content and Streamyard became problematic)
  3. A tech check is recommended before the scheduled interview to ensure your mic and camera are working. You can do that on your own. If you need assistance, please let us know. 
  4. Look for an email / or from us with the Skype link which will connect you into the studio environment

Shift Show Guest Booking Sheet

Personal Assistant / Point of Contact

Please provide contact details for any assistant or other point of contact. 

On Screen - Lower Third Details

This information will show onscreen beneath your camera feed. Example; Name: Mary Smith. Title: Founder of Acme Enterprises

Show Collateral - Videos / Audio / Still Images

Two methods to provide show collateral; 1) Links to online collateral and/or 2) collateral you can upload directly - see second box.

Talking Points

What are the key talking points you want to share with our audience:

About You / Bio

Background information about you. Will be used to create your introduction and in promotional material for the interview.

Social Media

Background information about you. Will be used to create your introduction and in promotional material for the interview.

Your Call to Action

  1. What Do You Need Assistance With The Most? or;
  2. How Can People Support You? Or,
  3. What Call To Action do you want to focus on?

Notes to Producer

Please include any special notes to the Producer. Examples include specific topics / content NOT to publish/ discuss.

Screenshot of Shift Show with Reinette