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Wake Up... Shift Is Happening! 2.0 Relaunch Tuesday, May 2nd 2023

Wake Up… Shift Is Happening, host & guide, Deborah Ariel Pietsch, along with her amazing guests navigate the uncharted waters of a world in upheaval. With a focus on spirituality, sovereignty, health, politics, freedom & truth, Deborah will empower you to experience epic transformation by sharing cutting-edge solutions, out of the box tools and spiritual insights. Get ready to shift your paradigm.

Originally Deborah launched Wake Up... Shift Is Happening TV in 2009** and then for a short bit in 2012 and intermittently in 2020-2021. Because of her commitments to other high level endeavors (behind the scenes),  to support humanity's evolution, she hasn't been available to commit to a regular shooting schedule, until NOW!  
May 2nd, 2023 is the Wake Up... Shift Is Happening 2.0 Relaunch! See more details below. 

**You won't find the original (2009) YouTube channel for Wake Up... Shift Is Happening TV with several hundreds of hours of content since it was deleted by YT in May 2022... as part of the "too much truth censorship" that many truthers have experienced. The new YT is only being utilized for LIVE shows, then removed and the promos being left. 

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Show Schedule - May & June 2023
Tuesdays & Thursday @ 7pm ET

Tuesday, May 2nd  LIVE show - Join the CHAT
Guest Segment 2: Reinette Senum 
Guest Segment 3: Clay Clark 

Thursday, May 4th  LIVE show-
Guests Segment 2 & 3: Drs. Mark & Michelle Sherwood

Tuesday, May 9th 
Guests: (Revised Schedule) Segment 1: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny 
Segment 2: Dr. Christiane Northrup

Thursday, May 11th
Founder & Ex-CEO Patrick Byrne -
Play by Play on unscheduled White House Mtg. w/ President Trump Dec. 18 2020 

Tuesday, May 16th 
Full show: Jeffrey Adam, founder of Michronic Silver - The only organically stabilized silver in the world... has the "wow factor" for healing inside and out. 10% off by using promo code "WakeUp"!

Thursday, May 18th 
Segments 1 & 2 Deb UnPlugged - Heart to Heart 
Segment 3: Hubby Scott Bartle joins me to share a recap of the Miami / Doral Clay Clark ReAwaken Tour

Tuesday, May 23rd
Segments 1 & 2 Dr. Eric Nepute - Half a trillion dollar law suite from the U.S. government for suggesting people with Covid get Vitamin D and use Zinc. 

Thursday, May 25th
Segment 1 & 2 Guest Jason Sisneros - Human Trafficking Rescues
Segment 3: Deb & Scott Review Bud Light's failed transgender campaign to Target Emergency meeting to pull Pride & Satanic designer clothes to the back of the store. This is all part the GROOMING agenda...

Tuesday, May 30th  
Segmrents 1-3 Shift happens when whistleblower has enough evidence on Hillary Clinton to "Take Down the Government" with Nate Cain.

Thursday, June 1st
Segments 1 > 3 ~ Dr. Bryan Ardis Part 1 of a series entitled, "The Snakes Among Us". 

Tuesday, June 6th
Segments 1 > 3 - Maureen Steel
Reveals brand new ID Privacy technology that has been tested by top top hackers 1.3 million + times and haven't broken in! Shift Show audience will receive a 30% discount code. This week is THE PUBLIC LAUNCH - you will be hearing this program - Alias ID - from most influencers by the end of June.

Thursday, June 8th
Dr. Blanche Grube & Anita Tibau
How Conventional Dentistry Destroys Your Whole Body Health ~ Solutions To Add To Your Journey of Healing & Empowerment

Tuesday, June 13th
Segments 1 > 3 - Ivan Reiklin
New J6 Facts Emerging ~Take a Truthful Deep Dive with Constitutional Attorney, Deep State Marauder So We Can SHIFT This Nefarious Agenda

Thursday, June 15th
Segments 1 > 3 Sarah McAbee
Sarah, Wife of J6 POW Ronald McAbee, Shares HeartWrenching Story of the Day to Day InJustices They Are Still Experiencing

Tuesday, June 20th
Segments 1 > 3 Maureen Steele of Alias ID
 Alias ID is a brand new vetted technology. We have had an onboarding meeting with 1 of the 2 founders, Mark Gray, who handled cyber security for 2 past POTUS’, Plus HIPPA and more. Be Empowered Be ProActive Be Unknown In the next level of the Surveillance State.

Thursday, June 22nd ~ show with Deborah Ariel Pietsch
Transition of the Great Awakening - First Spiritual Deep Dive With Deborah Ariel Pietsch since re-launch 2.0 2023. Recognizing the Solstice  and introduction of an Experience through Prayer and Guided Journey

Tuesday, June 26th
Segments 1 > 3 Brianna Ladapo, Author of “Emerging from Darkness”
A Deeply Honest And Transparent Personal Story Of Her Spiritual Awakening Journey 

Thursday, June 29th Live with Priscilla Romans, Founder of Graith Care
When Doctors, Nurses & Hospitals BeFallen to Corporate Greed and Evil, Nefarious Agendas - Time to Be ProActive, Create a PLAN and get a Health Advocate on your team.

Tuesday, July 4th Richard Citizen Journalist

Thursday, July 6th Christopher Keys

Tuesday, July 11th - Dr. Bryan Ardis
Part 2  of series "Snakes Among Us" - chronological events, "ah-ha's", truth discovered by Dr. Bryan as he takes the deep dive back in March 2020 of why and how his father-in-laws death / murder in the hospital occurred.

Thrusday, July 13th - Dr. Porter - Brain Tap

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Deborah Ariel Pietsch

Deborah is an award winning producer turned show host and prophetic spiritual way-shower & Activator. She has worked with thousands of people around the world to clear blocks, blinds spots and nefarious energies while Activating profound transformation, including moving locations, divorce, hearing God's Voice and Activating your Soul's Purpose to blossom.
She is gifted with prophetic communication that goes beyond the norm.

She experienced a  profound awakening in 1987 while working in Hollywood, which set her on a trajectory to develop Conscious, Transformational media back in the late '80's and through the 90's. As she worked on high level music videos, commercials and films, Hollywood was NOT open to or ready for truly conscious media... Now, armed with decades of experience, finances to support AND many years / several decades of confirmations and evidence. Deb is coming back stronger than EVER to ignite her passion and destiny to support humanity's evolution with conscious, transformation, experiential media+++ Stay tuned for much more to come!

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