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Wake Up… Shift Is Happening, host & guide, Deborah Ariel Pietsch, along with her amazing guests navigate the uncharted waters of a world in upheaval. With a focus on spirituality, sovereignty, health, politics, freedom & truth, Deborah will empower you to experience epic transformation by sharing cutting-edge solutions, out of the box tools and spiritual insights. Get ready to shift your paradigm.

Originally Deborah launched Wake Up... Shift Is Happening TV in 2009** and then for a short bit in 2012 and intermittently in 2020-2021. Because of her commitments to other high level endeavors (behind the scenes),  to support humanity's evolution, she hasn't been available to commit to a regular shooting schedule, until NOW!  

**You won't find the original (2009) YouTube channel for Wake Up... Shift Is Happening TV with several hundreds of hours of content since it was deleted by YT in May 2022... as part of the "too much truth censorship" that many truthers have experienced. The new YT is only being utilized for LIVE shows, then removed and the promos being left. 

When we launch the new website, the archived shows all the way back from 2009 will be available.

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Deborah Ariel Pietsch

Deborah is an award winning producer turned show host and prophetic spiritual way-shower & Activator. She has worked with thousands of people around the world to clear blocks, blinds spots and nefarious energies while Activating profound transformation, including moving locations, divorce, hearing God's Voice and Activating your Soul's Purpose to blossom.
She is gifted with prophetic communication that goes beyond the norm.

She experienced a  profound awakening in 1987 while working in Hollywood, which set her on a trajectory to develop Conscious, Transformational media back in the late '80's and through the 90's. As she worked on high level music videos, commercials and films, Hollywood was NOT open to or ready for truly conscious media... Now, armed with decades of experience, finances to support AND many years / several decades of confirmations and evidence. Deb is coming back stronger than EVER to ignite her passion and destiny to support humanity's evolution with conscious, transformation, experiential media+++ Stay tuned for much more to come!

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