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Generate Health & Wellness - Welcome to the AWAKENDstar Influencer Affiliate Program... Created by Influencers for Influencers. [Work in Progress]

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Choose your level of engagement and how best to generate sponsorship for your show, website or sphere of influence.

#1 Affiliate Sales

Use an affiliate link to link from your website, show description or even with a short commercial to earn referral commissions on product sales. 

#2 Build A Business

A Network Marketers dream... Grow a network of team members and benefit from ranking bonuses and incentives to building a healthy income.

#3 Buy Retail Only

Interested solely in losing weight yourself? Purchase directly without any need to market or refer others... but have that flexibility for the future.

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Clinically Studied

 Double Patented

By regulating your leptin levels you literally melt fat off your body without losing muscle. Most people are losing anywhere from 18 to 21 pounds in the first 6 to 8 weeks.

Awakend Nation - You Could be Leptin Resistant

About the Product

Breaking all records for a new startup, Awakend Nation is


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Natural Weight Loss -
Why Leptin Matters.

A leptin regulator that targets fatty weight that doesn't ordinarily shift. It literally melts fat while regulating your leptin levels. It’s scientifically tested, patented and clinically tested.