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Show Sponsor - Awakend Nation's Flagship Product, Zenith

Generate Health & Wellness with Zenith  

Deborah Pietsch is re-launching her show from 2009, "Wake Up... Shift Is Happening TV!" She is choosing very carefully the companies, people and products to bring in as sponsors... Let us introduce you to Awakend Nation and Zenith... You will learn quickly why she has moved forward with this company! This is JUST the Beginning!

Zenith Bottle

Before & Afters - This Could Be YOU!

Before & After

4 Min Audio - Part 1

Discovered in 1994...

Zenith Before & After

4 Min Audio - Part 2

"Leptin's job is to keep you fat"

Ignite your Fresh Start Program and Bring Your WellBeing to a New Level!

Introducing you to part of our Fresh Start Program & new show sponsor, Awakend Nation. We are choosing carefully the people and products to partner with in order to support YOU through the Transition of the Great Awakening. Zenith is a weight loss product that is a Blessing, a Tool AND a financial opportunity ...that has just hit the market (again) at the end of 2022!

How would your life transform if you could easily lose weight, reduce inches and gain muscle mass naturally all from balancing a relatively newly discovered (1994) hormone called Leptin??

Some of the benefits you could experience by balancing Leptin with natural supplement, Zenith:

  • Accelerate fat loss naturally
  • Lose inches first, then weight
  • Release weight quickly and easily
  • Balance your Leptin hormone - the "fight or flight" hormone
  • Gain muscle mass simultaneously
  • Create a new revenue stream
  • Assist your friends and family with their wellness goals
  • Feel good again from the inside out
  • 60 day money back guarantee - IF you take the product for 8 weeks and don't have any results

Double blind clinicals reveal average weight loss in 8 weeks was 21.3 lbs.... that is quite remarkable when you look at the details of the clinicals and the average inches lost!

Clinical Double Blind Study Results

The Power of Zenith graphic

Become a Member - Engage in Weekly Mindset & Skillset Trainings with Amazing People Like Below

Dr. Ona Brown and father, Les Brown

Introduced by Awakend Nation Founder, Danelle Meoli

Engagement Choices

#1 Affiliate Sales - AwakendStar
Coming Soon!

AWAKENDstar Influencer Affiliate Program
Deb & Scott are the beta group working directly with the founders of Awakend Nation to launch the AwakendStar Influencer Affiliate Program. More details will be forthcoming. If you're interested in this, please register by clicking the button below.

There's much more coming - so even if you're not interested in the Affiliate program, it's a good idea to register for updates!

#2 Build A Recession Proof Business - Network Marketing

A Network Marketers dream... Grow a network of team members and benefit from ranking bonuses and incentives to building a healthy income.

Build a secondary revenue stream by securing a spot in the existing binary referral business model.
Launched Nov 2022, this business set new records in the industry with the holy grail of network marketing products… weight loss, inches loss and muscle mass gained. 

The only commitment is a $50 annual fee!

#3 Buy Retail  Become a Customer Only

Interested solely in losing weight yourself? Purchase directly without any need to market or refer others... but have that flexibility for the future.

Just want to try Zenith yourself? Order as a wholesale member or purchase retail. Pricing:
►    Wholesale: 4 pack approximately = $138 per bottle
►    Retail = $165 per bottle

** As of Feb. 2023 - Zenith is on a back order status so you can only order 1 bottle right now. That will shift in March 2023

AWAKENDstar program header


By regulating your leptin levels you literally melt fat off your body without losing muscle. Most people are losing anywhere from 18 to 21 pounds in the first 6 to 8 weeks.

Awakend Nation has broken all records for a new startup - because it's an amazing supplement AND the Founder of the company is awesome... See below for a 39 minute video presented by Danelle Meoli..

Zenith Bottle
Awakend Nation - You Could be Leptin Resistant

At a Glance 


Average Weight Loss lbs


New To Market


Day money back guarantee

Register Your Interest AND Get updates!

Video: Awakend Nation Founder, Danelle Meoli

This 39 minute video is Danelle sharing, explaining and detailing information about the product, Zenith and the network marketing opportunity available to build a (recession proof) revenue source and / or business!

Ready To Take Action?

Follow These Steps ... If you still need more info ... click the button at the bottom of the page to get more info!

Action Steps to become a marketing partner / business opportunity OR a retail customer. Determine if you'd like to sign up as a wholesale partner ($50 annual fee) which also gives you the opportunity to build a recession proof business OR just become a retail customer...

Want to dive into partnership and wholesale pricing? Action Steps:

  1. Click this link:
  2. Once in Deborah's website, Click the "Join Us" menu item
  3. The "Join Now" button will take you through the registration process
  4. Once you're signed up, you'll receive your Welcome email - it will have the Corporate FB page link ... that is where you can join the team(s), learn more about the business opportunity, grab media elements, get involved in the wonderful community of people. 

Want to come on board as a retail customer and just want to try it for 60 days? Action Steps:

  1. Click the same link above but go to:
  2. Products then click
  3. The Shop button**

** As of February 2023 - the product is on back order for about 2-3 weeks so you can only purchase 1 bottle, which is good for 1 month. The larger packages will be available to purchase in March again!To get more information and listen to a few more recordings ... click this button below. You'll also be able to register to be on our email list for future information on that page.

Not ready to take Action right now but would like to stay informed about special offers, new products, public events?

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