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Letting Go - Kicking & Screaming!

I have had several private sessions with Deb that were beyond description. I experienced very powerful physical and emotional reactions while in private session with Deb. She has been very accurate in pinpointing roadblocks in my spiritual development and has guided me thru these, sometimes with me kicking and screaming! It has been hard, at times, to let go of the old me in order to clear the path to who I really am. With the help of Deb, I am such a different person now and it's only going to get better! I am looking forward to what's next. It's gonna be great!

Jan W ... Arizona

A fantastic opening of awareness of my Self and Oneness with All. Highly recommend investing in a private session with Deb, she has an incredible gift.

I contined on with an expanded understanding of my Self and my place in all things. Plenty of energy and awareness followed for many days. The ability to review and re-experience the session were invaluable. Highly recommended.

Adam B

My whole Body just started shaking all over

I guess i have just been really scared because each activation has really sent me through a loop... this last activation on 12/21 I felt really good the whole rest of the day and even into the next then on the evening of the 22nd I was lying in bed and my whole body just started shaking all over and then...

Kristan R

Intuitive Bluntness Delivered With Love, Light & Humor

The first time I heard Deb speak was over a 'group call', and I knew immediately that she was someone special, someone who had integrity, insight and an undeniable connection to trusted guides and important wisdom. Most importantly, she shared with intuitive bluntness, love, light and humour.

After each private session I have had with Deb, I always felt more confident and focused to make the necessary moves forward in my life. Each session brought me clarity, self knowledge and feedback to helping me tap into what is my best interest for my Highest Divine Good and Truth.


A Life-Changing Experience

I've been fortunate enough to have private sessions with Deb at various important turning points and moments in my life for more than five years.

Being able to conduct the sessions remotely make it very convenient and comfortable, and sometimes I get even more than I bargain for in the sessions, but its always on point and too the point, Dang it! Being able to listen to the recording later that Deb sends through, and review each session as often as needed makes it an extremely valuable self-training tool. Every time I listen to it I hear something new or I am reminded of something basic or profound (or anywhere in between) that I need to keep at the front of my mindfulness.

I cannot tell you how highly I value each and every private session, and in fact every interaction I have ever had with Deb, and as such I highly recommend you lock in at least one session with Deb. You're sure to find it to be a life-changing experience, like I did.

Helen ... Australia

The activation is mind blowing

Hi Deborah. THANKS A MILLION for the completely AWESOME ACTIVATION that you gave me today! It was AMAZING! I thank YOU and God, the Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters, Spiritual Guides, my Higher Self and everyone else I didn't mention- from the bottom of my heart! I love and appreciate everything you told me in the Reading part, and also the activation is "mind blowing"!!!! I know it will affect my life GREATLY!

Sue F


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