Your GPS Through The Great Awakening Transition to Embody Sovereignty, Anchor True Freedom, Prosperity, Free Will & God’s Will As You Activate Your Divine Soul Purpose and Align With the Betterment of Humanity Timeline

The Choice Point Academy with Deborah Pietsch & Scott Bartle

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Date & time :

Thursday, Apr 07, 2022

3pm PST / 6pm EST

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Why Make Time For This Intro Webinar of
The Choice Point Academy?

We are in a “reality transition”. The upheaval is palpable. There is no “normal” anymore and there is no “normal” to go back to. Why is this happening?

Because we, as Glory of God Beings of Light, could not go on any longer without shining the LIGHT on the darkness that has infiltrated most of the infrastructure of our planet. There is a War on Humanity... it's no longer conspiracy theory, as the true conspiracy is being revealed right before our eyes. 

Light is being shined on the dark evil agenda. Now What? How you engage with the Great Awakening Transition - empowered vs. a victim will make the difference between thriving vs. surviving

Are you still “trying to figure out” what your purpose is here on the planet?

Healing of Coping Mechanisms-that have occurred from years of SURVIVAL challenges & More

Transmuting Fears of the Unknown Future. You may need to RE-EVALUATE EVERYTHING in your current life...

Engage in ways to Thrive with true Abundance from the Inside Out so your external reality matches your Intentions!

Engage in Activations that support ongoing Up-leveling & Acceleration of your Awakening Journey

Open up Communication with God so you're not looking outside of yourself for answers

Deborah Pietsch & Scott Bartle 

Deborah's awakening started in 1987 with a profound experience. She's supported thousands of people through their continued Awakening Journey. Her teachings, Prophetic Insights, Experiential Tool & Activations support her clients & students with on-going up-leveling of their lives. She is Masterful at recognizing nefarious energies or demons and teaching people how to clear this from their lives. As an award winning producer, she also produces conscious media. 

Scott's journey of awakening really kicked into gear in 2009 through his experiences of importing his 1959 Corvette to Australia where he was met with a deceptive government. Which lead to him producing his documentary, "What The FUQ" in 2010 - the revealing of 2 governments of Australia; the original and a nefarious imposter one.

Deb and Scott have worked side by side since 2013 when they met and married in 2014!

You Are Invited to Reserve Your Seat Now!

You and all of humanity, whether they realize it or not, are At Choice Point... and ALOT of Choices are going to need to be made very soon!

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Academy - Intro webinar registration


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