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What Can I Do?

Many people ask the question "What can I do" - typically with an emphasis on "I"... it's said with a huge emotional charge that suggests that the person asking the question can't make much impact out in the world... "I'm only one person".

This page provides basic and advanced steps people can take to push back on mask mandates.

What Constitutes a Mask?

In the beginning of the mask craziness, most businesses just required the wearing of a mask... which meant people could put a mask on the head backwards and still satisfy the requirements. This prompted more specificity in how to wear masks... ie to cover one's mouth and nose.

Similarly, there's little to no details on what kind of mask is required. What type of fabric is acceptable? What is the size of particle the mask must reject? Presumably the reason for wearing masks is to "prevent the spread" of the "virus"... so logically masks should capture the virus particles but allow air to flow.

Ironically, there's not guidance from the CDC specifying what kind of mask must be worn - see here.

In the absence of "government" specifications on what constitutes as mask, surely businesses that are enforcing the mask mandate should take responsibility?

Perhaps one step is to request/demand from the business mandating a mask be worn the specifications of the mask. The following questions could be useful:

  • What is the size of the virus particles... (surely this must be known now that there is a 'vaccine' for the virus)?
  • What is the hole size of the mask to prevent the intake or exhalation of virus particles?
  • What is the subsequent reduction of fresh air (including oxygen) such a mask results in?
  • Can you provide a reference link to a peer reviewed study to demonstrate that wearing a mask that will "prevent spread of the virus that causes COVID-19" does not cause a health risk to the wearer?
  • Who is taking responsibility for ensuring customers each have a mask that will "prevent spread of the virus that causes COVID-19"?
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Transcend The Mask - Dr Fauci Email

Purported email from Dr Tony Fauci regarding masks.

Mask Mandates in States NOT Requiring Masks

At the State level, 16+ states have stated that masks are not required, and that businesses are free to make the determination with respect to their customers. This is huge! It's a transition from a State level mandate ("law" - though the legitimacy of that law is the subject of separate discussion), to a private matter between businesses and their customers.

The relationship businesses have with their customers is PRIVATE, that means it is not capable of being infringed upon by States... if Article 1, Section 10, Clause 1 of the US Constitution means anything. The way in which the private relationship is governed is through Terms and Conditions. Drive into a carpark and you'll see Terms & Conditions... if you drive past the terms, you accept those terms. Same with a website, your continued use of a website is your acceptance of their terms.

Typically, people assume that there is only two choices when it comes to

Transcend The Mask
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Document by Dr Sherri Tenpenny with a compilation of studies showing the effectiveness (cough) of masks:

US Constitution: Article 1, Section 10, Clause 1:


Do businesses have to accept my terms?

No. In the same way you do not have to accept a business' terms, they do not have to accept your terms. They are free to decline them, however, you might want to insist that the person who makes the terms and conditions for the business is the one who accepts or declines your terms. 

Who can sign off on new terms?

In most businesses, management or executives make the policy or terms and conditions for customers. Similarly, you might want to insist that the same people who make that business' terms and conditions is the one who accepts or declines your terms. 

The sample document is for Texas. What about my state?

Whilst Texas is used as the example, you will likely find similar wording for other states also not mandating masks at the State level. If you choose to create your own terms, simply reference the wording for your state. 

"No one will agree to these terms"

Whilst getting agreement to these terms would be ideal, the point of the document is to increase awareness to the risks involved in wearing a mask.

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