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Deborah Pietsch & Scott Bartle

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FREE Introduction Webinar

If you’re not exactly sure where to start with the Experiential Tools, virtual retreats, webinars, or courses, then come and join us for this live interactive review webinar.

Deb has been preparing and being prepared for 30+ years to be a bridge to support people through this transition. She started creating Experiential Tools in 2011 that are still cutting-edge. It's not always easy to convey the value, how to work with them or what's best path to for your up-leveling, Great Awakening Journey.

Webinar Replays

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Welcome to the portal for the RECORDINGS of 12:12 & 12:21 Holiday Joy Activation Webinars.This is the page to view and engage with the recording of the webinar(s). You are invited to engage

12:12 & 12:21 Holiday Joy & Prosperity Activation Webinar

Welcome to the portal for the RECORDINGS of 11:11 Prosperity Unified Field Activation Webinar "Creating a Compression Point Breakthrough". You are invited to engage with this Prosperity Activation on a regular basis to

11:11 Prosperity Activation Webinar ~ To Create Compression Point Breakthrough

Spiritual War Bootcamp 102 - Part #1Spiritual War Bootcamp 102 - Part #2Our “Seal” is like a seal of approval but it’s a Seal of Integrity. This Seal of Integrity serves several purposes:It’s

Spiritual War Bootcamp 102 Webinar

God's Coating of Light ActivationPowerful Activation that covers "a lot of ground" including Activating a "Coating of God's Protective Light" around you, Activating your Heart Chamber to bring you "back online" after years

God’s Coating of Light Activation – I Am Love ~ Pt 1 of 3

Spiritual War Bootcamp 101 was recorded LIVE on Feb 9th 2021. Deb covered a tremendous amount of ground in this 3.5 hour webinar. The first 2 hours focused on taking full assessment of

Spiritual War Bootcamp 101 Webinar

​Hello and WelcomeWe recorded a new introductory video Sunday Feb 13 2022 to share the various hats we wear and how they all weave into the mission of the betterment of humanity. Hopefully

Transcend The Matrix Introductory Webinar

You Are At Choice Point ~ We Are At a Flash Point

Are you going to sit on the bench and maintain your status quo, which could have severe consequences, or are you going to roll up your sleeves and do whatever it takes to pro-actively move through this Great Awakening Transition to Transcend The Matrix?

Spiritual War Bootcamp Webinar 101 & 102

"The world has gone insane!" a common expression of 2020.
Begin your Spiritual Warrior journey by starting to identify spiritual attacks, recognize infiltration of the 'unseen enemy'. Learn how your and other's Free Will is being compromised every day by people engaging in dark force rituals and more. 

Become empowered with cutting-edge insights, details and wisdom that connects many dots while laying a solid foundation to Transcend The Matrix.

Webinar - Spiritual War Bootcamp 101 & 102

WarriorUp Webinar Series

An advanced teaching series that goes deeper into Activating Initiations and Tests to build your fortitude, courage and stength as a powerful Warrior of Light.

This series schedule will be announced in the Spring of 2021. Enroll in the registration to be sent details upon announcement.

WarriorUp Webinars & Retreats with Deb & Scott

Deb's History - Teaching about the spiritual war since 2010

Deborah Pietsch has been teaching people about Infiltration and Interference, two of the main weapons in spiritual war, since 2009... back when it wasn't cool to talk about it. Regardless, Deborah has hosted numerous retreats, webinars and private coaching sessions focussed on dismantling from the effects of this 'unseen enemy'.  

Deborah Pietsch

“If you’re not sitting on your I AM Throne as an Activated and Empowered Being of Light, someone or something else has most likely taken up residency in your absence”

Teachings, Activations & Initiations to Empower Your Fortitude, Courage and Strength to Navigate The Uncharted Waters of the Matrix.

I now know that what has occurred is that the Timeline of the Betterment of Humanity that was intended to kick in to full gear in 2001, was completely derailed and “re-written” - going against Universal Laws and much more - by the Event of 9/11. BUT that is not to say that the nefarious acts started then, please don’t get confused by the difference.

What People Are saying...

Robert E Texas

On the path to removing infiltration from my life

I found The Transcend the Matrix Level 1 Webinar to very informative and powerful. This subject, Infiltration, is a very sensitive subject, a subject must people tend to avoid really taking on and embracing. Indeed, society as a whole, tends to avoid even having an honest discussion about it. Deb and Scott, through this Webinar, do a Masterful job of leading us gently and progressively deeper into this subject matter. I was left with a knowing that this indeed is a very important subject to explore, understand and master, if I want to achieve my goal of being a fully sovereign conscious powerful being. You also are left with the confidence that Deb has “done her due diligence” and has created tools and a well tested roadmap that can guide you through the difficulties and challenges on the path to removing infiltration and interference and its effects on your life, to Ultimately becoming a Master at Clearing Your Field. I have also started to work with the Tools that Deb has developed, and I can say they are very effective and powerful. I highly recommend them.

Available Webinars

Are you feeling stuck?STILL not sure what your Life Purpose is?Concerned about the future?Frustrated that you’re surrounded by toxic people?We're In This Together - Let's get in to the nitty gritty of YOUR challenges AND give you the opportunity to hear other people's very similar

One on One Tuning In, Coaching & Activation with Deborah Pietsch~Use Gift Code Below Make it FREE!

Deborah Ariel Pietsch and Maureen St. Germain are partnering up as a Dynamic Duo for the upcoming 12:12 GatewayHeal The Past, Dismantle From The Old Paradigm and Prepare For Our New Earth By Activating & Calibrating To a Fresh Start During this 12:12:22 Gateway of

12:12:22 Gateway of Light Activation & Insights+ Fresh Start With Deborah Ariel Pietsch and Maureen St. Germain Webinar #1

Many People Are Acknowledging this 2:22 ~ 2022 Gateway AND...   ... There's a reason for this! This Gateway is a threshold of purity of LOVE and LIGHT ... everyone's been going through many Tests, many Initiations these past 2 years especially.... We're going through

222-222 Planetary Gateway Activating Your Heart Light… Igniting Your Soul Light – Creating An Echo Chamber of Love

Here we are already…  the end of 2021 crossing over the threshold of 2022!   Can you believe it? Does it feel like the year went fast for you?  Or have you wanted 2021 to be over and have a new surge of fresh start

1:11-2022 Detox & Dismantle From 2021-Activate New Beginnings-Monthly Prosperity Activation

Activate Your Joy, Prosperity and the Sense of Magic That May Elude You Around the Holidays AND During the Great Divide of the Great Awakening  Transmute Challenges, "Low Hanging Fruit" Heart-Ache & Coping Mechanisms  Enjoy the Holiday Season As It’s Meant To Be We are entering into

12:12 & 12:21 Holiday Joy & Prosperity Activation Webinars Live From Mt. Shasta Unified Field of Light

Activating Your 11:11 Prosperity Codes To Create A Compression Point Breakthrough For You and for Humanity Many people are seeing the powerful codes 1:11 and 11:11 this year - Are you one of them? It's probably a sign to ENGAGE & Activate! God and my Guides

11:11 Prosperity Unified Field Activation Webinar ~ To Create Compression Point Breakthrough
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